Third Edition
X - TU Delft,
7  to 9 November 2022

The conference Fase2Phase, 3rd Edition, addresses imaging with phase information and covers topics such as lensless imaging, aberration retrieval, adaptive and active optics, ptychography, holography, tomography, phase retrieval and applications.

The Fase2Phase event will take place on 7 to 9 November, 2022 in Delft, The Netherlands.

The location is X-TUDelft. More information here.


The Schedule has been published and can be found here

After the conference, starting on Wednesday afternoon, a 2.5-day School of Physics will take place (free of charge) with lectures from some of the invited speakers. This extra event is co-organised by the SPIE Student Chapter. The target audience of the lectures is master and PhD students, but other can also join by registering here.

A conference dinner will be organised on Tuesday evening.

Here is a group photo of the first Face2Phase event:


Invited speakers 

The following distinguished invited speakers will join the conference. You can find their abstract in the section "Abstract".

Prof. Carl Bender
Washington University in St. Louis (USA)


Prof. Larry X-C Yuan
Shenzhen University  (China)

Dr. Imran Avci

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)

Prof. Martin Booth
University of Oxford (UK)

Prof. Sylvain Gigan
Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (FR)

Prof. Dick Willingale
University of Leicester (UK)

Prof. Tero Setälä
University of Eastern Finland (F)


Prof. Gabriel Aeppli
ETH Zurich (CH)

Dr. ir. Jos Benschop

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ari friberg

Prof. Ari Friberg
University of Eastern Finland (F)

Dr. Armand Koolen

Prof. Allard Mosk
Utrecht University (NL)

Prof. Willem Vos
UTwente (NL)

Dr. Zheng Xi

University of Science and Technology of China (China)

















Students and postdocs are encouraged to submit their work as a talk or as a poster presentation. A poster prize will be awarded in the last day of the conference.


Examples of the possible topics addressed at the conference:

  • Computational imaging
  • Lensless imaging
  • Ptychography
  • Interferometry
  • Phase singularities
  • Holography and applications
  • Adaptive and active optics
  • Diffraction (phase) tomography
  • OCT & phase contrast
  • Phase Retrieval methods
  • Aberration retrieval
  • Optical metrology
  • Photodetectors

We invite you to join your peers and share the most recent developments and applications at Face2Phase3.

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